My First Cinquain, Unicycling

Tomorrow’s poem was one that I ended up investigating different styles for in an attempt to truly capture the real feeling of it. During this brief research into different poetic styles, I came across cinquains. There are a number of different definitions and rules for these five-line poems, similar to a haiku in ways. The rules I used are as follows:

  • Subject, noun, usually 2 syllables
  • 2 adjectives, 4 syllables
  • 3 verbs (-ing conjugations), 6 syllables
  • A phrase about the feeling of the subject, 8 syllables
  • Another noun for the subject, 2 syllables

I thought this was quite a fun style, so I jotted down a quick, cheesy one about one of my favourite hobbies (lifestyle choices?): unicycling. This is almost a hint about tomorrow’s poem, but that’ll be then. For now, a unicycle cinquain:

Unicycle Cinquain

Sleek, powerful.
Rolling, gliding, flying.
Complete, continuous control.


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