Alice’s Adventures on the Megabus – A Strength No Animal Is Lent

Riding the bus from London to Manchester provides you with a lot of time to let your mind wander, and lot of window to look out from at the same time. Reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at the same time will encourage your mind to wander in directions different to where it may usually go.

This was the case when today’s poem was written. It’s always fun to go to a simple rhythm and rhyming scheme (as the poems in the Alice books tend to be) along with a simple topic, and just indulge your mind. Maybe the topic of the poem was related to my journey’s progress, and the poem itself a release from being squashed against the window? I didn’t think that much about it, I just returned to the book after the poem was written. If anyone has not read the Alice books, by the way, and considers themselves too old to do so, I politely yet threateningly recommend you read them – they’re well-written, easy, funny, and timeless.

Anyways, here is this week’s poem, and my Just-So story: “A Strength No Animal Is Lent”.

A Strength No Animal Is Lent

O gallant steed, my question heed,
Why do you march so fast?
Though April may not come today,
The worst is surely passed.

With haste you trudge, on slime and sludge,
On noble hidden feet.
What drives you so, to where you go?
Have you old friends to greet?

Others like me, you shall not see,
If you do not hide now.
I must declare to you, beware!
The raven on my boughs.

You are not one to dare outrun,
This bird of night and cold.
You must now find a place to hide,
Inside your own stronghold.

I see alone a hollow stone,
Amidst my writhing roots.
Please hide in here and do not fear,
This furious feathered brute.

I wish you luck as you now tuck
Yourself into a ball,
Inside the rock, away you lock,
Yourself from one and all.

He gently drops and swiftly hops,
To you.  Leave not your haven!
He fails to pry each time he tries,
And, fleeing, flies the raven.

His shameful flight proves you a knight,
Brave champion of the litter.
With lion-heart you’ve played your part,
And rendered fell beasts bitter.

Without a loan, please keep the stone,
May shield and shell prevail,
With Strength No Animal Is Lent,
March on my friend, the snail.

Refuse to feast such crafty beasts,
And earn a worthy tale.
Away, fell craven! Flee, dark raven,
The travelling knight, the snail.



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