Where Has He Gone?

I suppose this poem is pretty appropriate seeing as I haven’t posted in a while. Coming back home from Namibia was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, if not the hardest. Luckily I’ve had my project to give me some connection to CCF over summer…

I’ve had a bit of a blank over the past few months, when someone very anonymous pointed out that I needn’t write in a way that is completely perfect in my own eyes. I drastically overcomplicate writing things sometimes, so perhaps it’s better to just get things out. As a result, this strange thing fell from my fingers. Please enjoy, “A Shade In The Mirror”.

A Shade In The Mirror

It’s a quarter past blackout, and a second to spoil it,
It’s internal caused tapouts, and a race to the toilet,
It’s a battle within me, between mind and my organs,
Reenacted now weekly, deceased eyes on my fortunes.

I’m in love and he knows it, but will never stay over,
He’s in me and I loathe it, but he’s always my lover,
And by sunrise he’s missing, just a shade in the mirror,
No emotion to piss in, just a hangover nearer.

He’s no less than I style him, but he’ll smile at the others,
I’m the lesbian pirate, he has pegged as wee brother,
Clapped in chains to endear him, with hazed eyes to invite him,
Slapped and pained to be near him, and capsizing to spite him.

But before I’m collapsing, I’ve his skin as my scapegoat,
Forget dawn ‘cause I’m dancing, and I’m singing from his throat,
And the room dances with me, while his body is conquered,
‘til I wake with no spirit, with no clothes and no vodka.