University Life

I found a thousand fools in freshers,
Now I’m stuck with three,
Now I just need some time away,
Some time alone for me.

Oh, where has my time gone today?
I’ve barely done a thing!
I’ve fought this week to wake and read,
But when did it begin?
I’ve sat in front of old men and,
I’ve listened to them speak.
I’ve hated some I barely know,
For them I turn no cheek.

I choose to let them speak and then,
Regret the choice I make,
But this has got to be the better,
Choice of all mistakes,
‘cause otherwise I’d be employed,
And overjoyed and poor.
Now I’m in debt, without a sweat,
And I’ll keep paying for more.

But I won’t lift a single finger
Scrubbing at this home.
I bet that poor old Henry hoover,
Hasn’t felt more alone.
I’ve dust bunnies and dragons under,
My bed and all else,
And something lost within the kitchen,
Smells akin to hell.

Sinks sparkled once upon a time,
Why, only yesteryear.
Since then we’ve been competing and,
We’ve tallied up the beers.
It’s wondrous water drains away,
The way that drain is plugged.
I wonder I can find the bleach,
When everything’s been chugged.

I enter that bathroom and leave it,
Dirtier than I was,
And everything in this house is,
So truly fucked because,
Of our own lazy, mad landlady,
Mindless of the damp,
Ignoring every broken thing,
And hidden booby traps.

But she can’t sell the house with all,
The crockery on the floor;
You’re standing in leftover dinner
One step through the door.
I’m glad to leave this mess and not,
Go clean some other place;
It’s just a chance to see the extent,
Of our own disgrace.

I’ve lived these years to my content,
And tried all I could think,
Drank much more than I have before,
And one more til I’m sick.
I can’t remember half my nights;
The others I’d forget,
But not a single one would I,
Have dared call a regret.


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