Venn Diagrams

We were mindless, we were protozoan,
Until some wanderlust guppy said, “Fuck this, I’m going”,
With no way of knowing all the trouble he’d cause,
Just an utterance, our brother since looking for more.

So the options weren’t an option, no organism left behind,
We set forth and wandering, only brothers and sisters on our mind,
And a promise to steel us til we find,
One another and reunite.

But my brother left me, my blood is spread round the earth,
Millennia tick past, blood ties lose their worth,
When it all boils down tell me what’s worse:
That we’re all on our own, or that the loneliness hurts.

To be a lone lioness, with injured pride,
To ache for another on the inside,
It’s not a case of soulmates, it’s cellmates, seeking for my kindred,
mitochondria, my beating hearts that have long since been splintered,

And we’ve wintered wide apart but I’ll make sure that we recover,
Throw our hearts together until we become each other,
It’s human nature, it’s nature’s nature preying on another,
And changing only like before a lover.

I wonder if the worries are even worth the while,
Of whiling away time just to try and find a smile,
That slightly mirrors mine after however many miles,
Will they recognise their home after all these trials?

I’ve been on dates, each one the same, in spite of my decaying,
When did carbon copies become carbon dating?
When did the sake of romance become forsaken,
And when was the sole use of love just to have the piss taken?

I’ve been mistaken, take for granted now I know we’re not the same,
But to be one in a million seems a shame,
Instead let me be your centurion, recognise my name,
In a list of lovers taken for the sake of playing games.

Individuality is critical, it’s key,
We’ve evolved too far to just be,
So let’s be complicated, and complement whatever family,
We choose to adopt and embrace and sew into our tree.

Cause it’s a tapestry, it changes, and I’ve changed my plan,
All that I can ask is to meet mine again,
And when we come together, with my spent diaphragm,
I say, “Let’s just lie like Venn diagrams”